Important 2021 Tax Information

Precautions Taken To Help Stop The Spread of Covid-19 When Filing Your Taxes With Us

  We have limited our seating in the waiting areas. Please sign in at the front desk and if the seating area is full, please wait in your car. We will call/text you when it is your turn. We ask that you please visit alone if you are a single filer. If you are filing with someone, please only bring that person with you.

  You are able to drop off your tax documents and we will call you when everything is finalized.

  You can email your tax documents to [email protected] and we will email/call you when everything is finalized. When emailing documents, if you have a preference on which accountant prepares your return, please include their name in the subject line. Also, please add any information we may need to know in the email.

You Do Not Have To Wait To File Your Return

The IRS has stated that February 12th, 2021 will be the first day of processing tax returns. This does not mean you have to wait until this time to file your return. Your return can be prepared and sent to a holding bin with my processing company until the IRS begins it’s filing season. So don’t wait, we are trying to run everything as close to usual while taking precautions for the virus.

Thank you!

Brian Watts

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